Art Class on the News-my 2 1/2 minutes of fame

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Tryn Rose (Clark) Seley: Channel 3 News filmed “With Art in Mind” art class. Click on the purple link above to see the video.

I am privileged to spend this kind of time with people.

Music, stories, and arts engagement can bring people back to themselves. It also brings a caregiver to a place of regard and respect for a family member or friend. A wife said to me, “After art class, he is happier, for days.”

Even if you can’t see the effects outwardly for him or her, it has a positive effect on you to spend time this way. Please do.

Try this at home. Put out photos, song lyrics, life stories that remind you of your loved one’s strengths. This will remind them of their strengths. Provide colored pencils, or watercolor paints, and paper, and see what happens.

One husband said he makes sure he has a good supply of sticky notes in pretty shapes – hearts, apples, stars – so his wife, who used to do freehand drawings easily – has somewhere to start. She colors them in every day, wherever she finds them; on the dining room table, on the coffee table, wherever. It gives her joy to create art, and I thank her husband for recognizing the desire, and making it happen for her.

In my classes, I always provide blank greeting cards so we can add a quote, an original picture, or a black-and-white version of a photograph on printer paper that can be embellished as desired.

I am not teaching art. I am providing an opportunity for artistic expression. When we sing, and tell stories, we generate good energy to create art. It works every time. We come out smiling, happier, for days to come.

Take care, and stay in touch,

Tryn Rose Seley,

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