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Tryn Rose Seley, Author

Tryn Rose Seley, Author

I am grateful for Amelia Schafer and her stellar work at the Alzheimer’s Association: Colorado Chapter. She is a thoughtful and caring teacher, program developer and director, and a mentor and friend. If you are an Alzheimer’s Association Program Director, and contact me, I will send you a free printed copy for your resource library. I’d be honored to support your caregivers across the country.

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Dear Program Directors,

I’m writing to let you know about, “15 Minutes of Fame,” a resource written by a former Alzheimer’s Association employee and wonderful soul, Tryn Rose Seley. Tryn has been an Alzheimer’s advocate, caregiver guru, and friend of the Alzheimer’s Association: Colorado Chapter for many years.

You can learn more about “15 Minutes of Fame” at Tryn’s website Caregiver Heart. It is available in a print copy or as a downloadable ebook. This is a great resource for both families and professional caregivers.

Please take a look and share this resource with your staff, volunteers, and families.

Amelia Schafer, MS | Director of Professional Education | Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado | 455 Sherman St | Suite 500 | Denver CO 80203 | | NATIONAL HELPLINE 800.272.3900


About Tryn Rose

I want to lighten the step of those on the journey with Alzheimer's. From a decade of caregiving, and a lifetime of appreciating the human experience, the strategies I learned helped me, and I hope they will help you. I'm a musician, photographer, gardener, and author of "Extraordinary Days".
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