Tony Bennett: Music Saves His Life Every Day

Piano to go wtih post

“Linus and Lucy” piano piece always brings a smile!

I watched an interview about Tony Bennett coming back to life as he weathers the storm of Alzheimer’s. It’s on YouTube, look for it. The conversation with his wife, and Anderson Cooper, says it all! As soon as his accompanist starts playing intro music on the piano, Tony stands up from his quiet period, walks briskly to the keyboard, and belts out his iconic songs like all is well with the world!

I’ve seen and created environments that bring out the best in every person experiencing deep dementia. In my book, “15 Minutes of Fame: One Photo Does Wonders,” I tell the story of a man who has the very same experience; he came back to life when he stopped by the piano on his way to his room, and played his favorite tunes with no problems at all. And he was a lawyer by day, a person just like your parent, your brother or sister, your spouse… this kind of miracle can happen for any of us. Famous people inspire a wider circle, but you too can bring light to your home and daily life to remember musical experiences. We *are* what we love, so bring him to the piano, bring her to the guitar or violin or dulcimer (or quilt or other creative pursuits), or play Bach, Beethoven, The Beatles, or the Beach Boys on public radio or whatever streaming service you use these days, and watch what can happen! It creates joy for you, and joy for them. I encourage you to spend your time this way more often! And look up my book for ideas on how to do this every day at home to bring you all a positive and energized experience, which helps you do the regular tasks with a lift in your step and a smile on your lips.

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