Alzheimer’s Authors Unite

Dear Friends,

I’ve been invited to share about my work and book along with a team of authors in June, which is designated as Brain Awareness Month.

Every month, and every day, I am glad to share my support and strategies with caregivers of those living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. As you may know, dementia is like saying there are “flowers” in a garden, the general umbrella term for serious cognitive and perception difficulties, and “Alzheimer’s” could be referred to as a “rose,” a particular flower. “Alzheimer’s-related dementia” is still the specific way to refer to this type of dementia. I learned many years ago to say “a person with dementia” or “a person with Alzheimer’s” to focus on the person first. My best medical advice is to go to a doctor you trust, and advocate for finding out *all* possible causes of cognitive difficulties: heart or blood pressure issues, thyroid dysfunction, vitamin deficiencies, everything, a complete tune-up for all body systems. Why? Because you want to treat the right problem. If I have the flu, it’s flu-induced dementia; it will be over in 10 days, and I’ll feel like myself again. Wouldn’t you rather have the flu then Alzheimer’s? It can be treated, nearly always successfully. If all body systems are otherwise healthy, and you still don’t know what your keys are for, or you don’t remember your son’s birthday or your daughter’s new hometown, it’s called “Alzheimer’s-related dementia.”

It’s so important to know what to do and say when you are giving care to the one you love (sometimes one you feel challenged to love). My book, “15 Minutes of Fame: One Photo Does Wonders To Bring You Both Back to Solid Ground” gives you ideas of what to do and say, every day, for 15 minutes or more. I learned as a full-time professional caregiver to tell a person’s best stories of life, which builds an authentic and warm relationship, and leads to trust and ease when accomplishing daily tasks. I know the joy of creating a book that I can share with readers like you who want some ideas about caregiving that help you fill your own cup at the same time.

“15 Minutes of Fame” is available on for Kindle, for Nook, on my website as a pdf file, which is downloadable and viewable on any computer or device (thank you eBookit for creating the book online!), and I distribute printed copies as well.

I’m delighted to join this group of authors who are sharing our books with the world. We want to support you, the caregiver: family, professional, music or occupational therapist, or Hospice presence.

Please come visit me on or email me at

Long after the month of June, we will be here, and we will listen to you, and encourage you along the way.

Tryn Rose Seley, Author, “15 Minutes of Fame: One Photo Does Wonders To Bring You Both Back to Solid Ground”
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Take care, and stay in touch,

Tryn Rose Seley,

Author, 15 Minutes of Fame: One Photo Does Wonders To Bring You Both Back to Solid Ground at

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I want to lighten the step of those on the journey with Alzheimer's. From a decade of caregiving, and a lifetime of appreciating the human experience, the strategies I learned helped me, and I hope they will help you. I'm a musician, photographer, gardener, and author of "Extraordinary Days".
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