Welcome to this home.

Comfy chair

Comfy chair for you

It’s a place to take a deep breath, find resources and hope, and have company on the journey with Alzheimer’s.

Please settle in this chair, put your feet up, wrap an afghan blanket around you like your grandmother made, have a virtual cup of tea, read awhile…and have hope.

I am nearby, getting another cup of tea, or available for chatting in between passages. When you go to your own home, take my book with you, and know that I always welcome another visit, any time.

Take care, and stay in touch,

Tryn Rose Seley

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I Get It About Caregiving

When one is a full time caregiver in an acute situation…

It’s not important if the forks are all in the right drawer slot. Some spoons spill over.

It’s not critical to recycle or use everything efficiently. If there’s one more scoop of rice protein in the jar, I’m throwing it away right now just to get it off my counter. If I could have gotten one more wear out of that shirt, I’m just adding it to the laundry and washing it today, so it’s out of the way. I could have washed those dishes by hand, but I used the dishwasher and I’m not ashamed to use a little more water today, to take a little longer hot shower today.

It’s not the priority to get everything handled.

The priority is to be present, to mourn, to cry, to tell the truth, to breathe, to ask “why?” and let it go unanswered for now, to acknowledge that this path is hard. It’s challenging. It’s heart-breaking.

And that this too shall pass.

The bad day will pass. The grief will pass, and joy will come in the morning. The condition of “no answers” will evolve into some kind of answers.

I have a caregiver book that can make the load lighter while you’re in the thick of it, with the tears and confusion and sadness alongside the rays of sunshine that peek through. May it be true for you, fellow caregiver.

Tryn Rose Seley, Author, 15 Minutes of Fame: One Photo Does Wonders To Bring You Both Back to Solid Ground at www.caregiverheart.comIMG_0251


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The Foot-Up View Just Got Better: Holidays and Alzheimer’s

Great idea! Bring the tree to you

Great idea! Bring the tree to you

This picture was taken by my minister friend in PA. He’s had some physical issues at Christmas, but what better way to handle it than this? * My sister-in-law called me on my birthday, which is near Thanksgiving, and shared this thought: She was missing last year’s celebration, saying she thought it was “the best gathering we ever had.” Then, this year, when she and her family celebrated, she changed her mind. “No, *this* is the best holiday celebration ever!” * My dad said a similar idea: “My favorite holiday is the one I’m having.” Adjust, enjoy what you have, create some new traditions, like bringing the Christmas tree into the bedroom. I hope at this time of year, you are having a new but wonderful holiday with the one you care for. Stay in touch,
Tryn Rose Seley, Author, 15 Minutes of Fame: One Photo Does Wonders” on Amazon.com for Kindle, BarnesAndNoble.com for Nook, pdf on www.caregiverheart.com & in print

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15 Minutes of Fame on AlzAuthors


Thank you Vicki Tapia for sharing my book. Click above to see all authors on this team for the month of June – Brain Awareness Month – and beyond.Tryn Rose (1) Tryn Rose Seley, Author, “15 Minutes of Fame: Empowering Caregivers of Those with Alzheimer’s”

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Alzheimer’s Authors Unite

Dear Friends,

I’ve been invited to share about my work and book along with a team of authors in June, which is designated as Brain Awareness Month.

Every month, and every day, I am glad to share my support and strategies with caregivers of those living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. As you may know, dementia is like saying there are “flowers” in a garden, the general umbrella term for serious cognitive and perception difficulties, and “Alzheimer’s” could be referred to as a “rose,” a particular flower. “Alzheimer’s-related dementia” is still the specific way to refer to this type of dementia. I learned many years ago to say “a person with dementia” or “a person with Alzheimer’s” to focus on the person first. My best medical advice is to go to a doctor you trust, and advocate for finding out *all* possible causes of cognitive difficulties: heart or blood pressure issues, thyroid dysfunction, vitamin deficiencies, everything, a complete tune-up for all body systems. Why? Because you want to treat the right problem. If I have the flu, it’s flu-induced dementia; it will be over in 10 days, and I’ll feel like myself again. Wouldn’t you rather have the flu then Alzheimer’s? It can be treated, nearly always successfully. If all body systems are otherwise healthy, and you still don’t know what your keys are for, or you don’t remember your son’s birthday or your daughter’s new hometown, it’s called “Alzheimer’s-related dementia.”

It’s so important to know what to do and say when you are giving care to the one you love (sometimes one you feel challenged to love). My book, “15 Minutes of Fame: One Photo Does Wonders To Bring You Both Back to Solid Ground” gives you ideas of what to do and say, every day, for 15 minutes or more. I learned as a full-time professional caregiver to tell a person’s best stories of life, which builds an authentic and warm relationship, and leads to trust and ease when accomplishing daily tasks. I know the joy of creating a book that I can share with readers like you who want some ideas about caregiving that help you fill your own cup at the same time.

“15 Minutes of Fame” is available on Amazon.com for Kindle, BarnesAndNoble.com for Nook, on my website www.caregiverheart.com as a pdf file, which is downloadable and viewable on any computer or device (thank you eBookit for creating the book online!), and I distribute printed copies as well.

I’m delighted to join this group of authors who are sharing our books with the world. We want to support you, the caregiver: family, professional, music or occupational therapist, or Hospice presence.

Please come visit me on Facebook.com/caregiverheart or email me at trynrose@gmail.com

Long after the month of June, we will be here, and we will listen to you, and encourage you along the way.

Tryn Rose Seley, Author, “15 Minutes of Fame: One Photo Does Wonders To Bring You Both Back to Solid Ground”
Tryn Rose (1)Badge

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Music for Anyone

Music is part of everyone’s lives. When I did regular school tours at the Musical Instrument Museum, I’d ask “Who plays a musical instrument?” Many hands went up; violin, guitar, piano, my dad plays drums!…” And then I’d ask “Who likes to listen to music?” All the rest of the hands went up. Music touches all of us, enhances our lives, cheers us up, relaxes us, puts us to sleep or wakes us up. It’s wonderful.

My tips for engaging with music:

Overall: look at a person’s body language, the eyes, the countenance, the response; they’ll show you and tell you if the music that’s playing is working well for them.

And when you find some enjoyable selections, share this list with professional caregivers on your team so they too can bring joy and fun to a person’s day.

1) Try some music.

Try any style. Sure, if you know the exact music your loved one enjoys, go for that, but try anything to start: play CDs, YouTube links, strum the guitar, play Pandora or other streaming stations where you can pick a style he or she likes, connect on Skype with faraway family members who play piano, ukulele, squeaky violins or saxophones from the grandchildren…anything that makes a person smile, become energized, or relaxed.

2) Try music at different times of day.

Does playing energetic or tranquil music first thing in the morning help a person get dressed and ready for the day more easily? Does it work better to play music during or after a meal? Is he eating, or singing? Does playing peaceful music in the evening (4pm on) help relax a person’s mood towards bedtime; and/or does playing live music or energetic music help a person expend energy towards evening, again leading towards restful times? Even at 3 in the morning if needed, choose music that either keeps a person connected, or leads one to drift off to sleep.

3) Try your favorite music styles.

It’s a place to start if you’re not sure what he or she likes, so it may serve both of you. It fills your own cup while caregiving. Escape to the bathroom, the garden, or your car for your own musical haven for a while. You deserve it.

I post Monday Music #mondaymusic on my Facebook Page, facebook.com/caregiverheart every week.

Tryn Rose Seley, Author, “15 Minutes of Fame: One Photo Does Wonders To Bring You Both Back to Solid Ground” at www.caregiverheart.comIMG_0272

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Music To Our Ears: Interview with Lori La Bey

“Tuesday, a—-fternoon…” This is the song that comes to mind as we have our conversation on Tuesday, April 12th at 2pm EST, 1pm Central, 11am Mountain/Arizona. Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio is internationally known for its online presence as a fantastic resource for those with Alzheimer’s or other dementias and their caregivers. This photo is from Mindful Art class, the expressive arts class we do here in AZ.

Click on the purple link to join the conversation, or listen in after this date.

Tryn Rose Seley, Author, “15 Minutes of Fame: One Photo Does Wonders” at www.caregiverheart.com

All That Jazz

All That Jazz



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New Book by Deborah Shouse: A Chapter from Tryn Rose Seley


Click on the link above to get a sneak peek at my chapter in Deborah Shouse’s new book. Thank you Deborah for the honor of sharing Alzheimer’s caregiving IMG_8536.JPGstrategies with your readers.

Tryn Rose Seley

Author, 15 Minutes of Fame: One Photo Does Wonders

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Finding the Right Assisted Living Situation For A Family Member

I’m honored to share some advice from my experience with you, and with Seniorly’s readers. Click on the purple link below and read on.

Tryn Rose Seley, Author, “15 Minutes of Fame: One Photo Does Wonders To Bring You Both Back to Solid Ground” www.caregiverheart.com


Seniorly.com is a free service for families seeking senior housing communities for their loved ones in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and beyond. Seniorly’s mission is to connect families and local housing providers by delivering services that keep seniors engaged and happy. Their Resource Center is stocked with articles on topics related to aging, and the Seniorly Living Blog features guest writing from industry experts.

We all need community. Seniorly can help you find yours!



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Free Book Preview from Amazon Kindle Version


Click on the link below to read a bit of this book. May it inspire you to take it home and make your caregiving path easier today.








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A Creative Life Puts Alzheimer’s Behind Us

As the new year unfolds, I am committed to promoting music, storytelling, and art-creating as “the cure” for Alzheimer’s and other dementias. It’s the path I have chosen to walk. This path bears fruit for the ones I care for, the care-partner spouses, brothers or sisters, nieces or nephews, best friends, and the others who care: neighbors, Hospice angels, grandchildren, professional home-caregivers or care community companions. Scientific research and physical treatments have their place, and not in conflict with listening to music that lifts the spirit, remembering the best stories of life with a smile and a heart-swelling effect, and writing one’s own name on the back of an art card lovingly created. May the new year be filled with experiences that raise the energy of each person touched by Alzheimer’s, and may we see this disease fade as we walk the paths we feel led to pursue in the name of wellness for all.

Create art, leave Alzheimer's at the door

Create art, leave Alzheimer’s at the door

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